We Had No Idea You Could Do THIS With Cauliflower

Once the vegetable our moms would have to beg us to try ("just a bite!"), today, we can't get enough of cauliflower. It practically defines the word versatile: It's a great stand-in to help make comfort foods healthier, but still tastes delicious on its own. We can't help but think if our 8-year-old selves had encountered cauliflower as a pizza (or covered in Parmesan) we probably would have come around a lot sooner.

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We are seriously digging the looks of this rich cauliflower take on risotto.

Cauliflower makes a savory stand in for shrimp in this spicy cajun classic.

Who needs Cool Ranch Doritos when you can snack on these homemade cauliflower bites?

Adding cauliflower to a classic mac and cheese recipe takes care of our veggie serving, right?