Your Mom Will Love These Mother’s Day Gift-Worthy Plants

We agree that placing an annual bouquet order for Mother’s Day is easy. But just because it's tough to beat the convenience of delivered-to-her-doorstep blooms at the click of a button doesn’t mean it’s the best option available. If you and your ma are feeling some flower fatigue this year, then shake things up on May 8 by gifting a plant instead — because while those stem-cut blossoms wither, these potted plants will continue to survive and thrive.

In addition to their longer lifespan (and gift-span), these leafy green friends also come in a wide variety of species, shapes, sizes, and care levels that make them easily customizable to match your mom’s personality quirks and lifestyle habits. Taking the vast garden of options into account, we crafted a streamlined guide of bestselling plants to help with making your Mother’s Day gifting decision.

Scroll on to see all the lush centerpieces, miniature trees, and heart-shaped succulents that will add some greenery to your mom’s life.

Scroll on to see all the lush centerpieces, miniature trees, and heart-shaped succulents that will add some greenery to your mom’s life.

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Hoya Hearts

Why She’ll Love It

This duo of heart-shaped succulents is actually rooted leaves cut from the Hoya Kerri plant. Planted in a sleek concrete pot, it will serve as a sweet little reminder to mom of just how much you love her.


Place these little love-plants in either bright indirect light or full sunshine and water when soil is completely dry and it starts to wrinkle.

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The Bouqs Desert Love Hoya Hearts, $44.00, available at The Bouqs.

Stromanthe Triostar

Why She’ll Love It

For the mom who loves a pop of pink, the visually stunning, magenta-leaved Stromanthe Triostar is the perfect gift.


Find a spot in medium to bright indirect light (not direct sun) and water every one to two weeks, allowing the soil to dry out about halfway before re-watering.

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The Sill Stromanthe Triostar, $64.00, available at The Sill.

Yellow Grafted Cactus

Why She’ll Love It

If your mom vibes with pretty but a little prickly, then this sunshine-hued cactus garden packaged in a paper-crafted planter box (with special Mother's Day messaging) is on her same wavelength.


Place in bright indirect or direct sunlight and take care to water once a week (or when soil is completely dry).

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Lula's Garden Ever Garden for Mother's Day, $44.00, available at Lula's Garden.

Donkey Tail Hanging Succulent

Why She’ll Love It

This highly-coveted plant is one of the more unique-looking succulents we've come across — similar to the beloved String of Pearls, but just a bit zanier.


It's described as easy to grow and maintain — requiring only filtered to bright light along with well-drained soil.

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